Thank you!

So I was just eating my lunch, look at when I had hit 600 Sales on Etsy and that was July 31st. So that means I’ve had 95 sales in 15 days! WOW! No wonder I’m busy all the time! And the addition of this new machine will make it even more! THANK YOU CUSTOMERS!!!

I am also adding a new machine to my business next week.  I purchased a Brother 650e 6-Needle Embroidery Machine.  I’ve wanted this machine for about 5 years, but since I couldn’t afford it, I had a smaller embroidery machine.  Well to stay at home and be successful full time, this was the next step to add to my business.  I’m hoping that with this new machine, I can stay at home for awhile and be a full blown embroidery business.  I’m so excited about this opportunity and I feel like it was a great purchase!  pr650e__27887.1369928909.1280.1280

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