Weekly Savings Plan- Saving for the Holiday Season

Well around last year at Christmas time, I was laid off from my job, as any other holiday, money was tight, but now it was even tighter.  Well I saw this thing on Pinterest that people kept pinning about you say so much per week and stash it away and you’ll have $1,378 by the end of the 52 weeks.

savings-plan Well I started doing it the first week of January and it’s amazing.  We don’t even realize the money is transferred out of our account each week now and we have quite a bit for savings this year.  We have more then enough for our 2 children for Christmas this year, and hopefully all the other things that come with the holidays.  I think I’ll keep doing this next year and just keep the extra in there, maybe we can use it for a vacation fund or fun money.  We just had a separate bank account and I just setup a weekly debit amount to transfer to the other account.  I had to manually go in there and do each week, but it was SO worth it.  Did you do this? Let me know how your liking it!! I also had some responses on my Facebook about this about people started in the middle of the year, so the bigger amounts weren’t coming out right before Christmas.  Or starting backwards and doing the bigger amounts now and lower ones later in the year.  Either way, still comes up to the same thing, SAVINGS!!

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Savings Plan- Saving for the Holiday Season

  1. Sarah Peterson

    I saw this when you first posted in on FB and immediately got excited! I will be starting my own the beginning of October and can’t wait. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Joy Chapman

    we started this in april and we too hardly notice the amount coming out. I am so looking forward to having a little extra saved after the holidays! we are going to keep it up next year too! maybe we can save for a family vacation for 5 of us, lol!


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