Angry Birds Luke Skywalker clay figure made by Caden

Caden loves watching this YouTube channel called Evantube. This kids reviews toys and does all sorts of fun stuff.  Well his dad helps him make clay figures and Caden asked if we could get some clay to try it out.  

So after Brody’s baseball tournament this weekend, we ran to Michaels to grab some clay.  It was cheaper there than it was at JoAnns.   We got red, white, grey, orange, yellow and black.  Just enough colors for this one project. 

Caden got all his supplies ready since he’s watched the video a few times and then we started the video.


We heated up the clay and made it hard so it’s done! He was so excited that it looked so close to the one he was trying to copy.  I’m sure there will be more of these in our future.  

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