Game of Thrones – House Party

Watching tv isn’t something we do a lot of at our house because we are so busy with sports and Etsy shops that Internet is all we have.   Well que the Google Chromecast! 


I was selected to host a house party for the Game of Thrones show on HBO with a free trial of it to get us hooked!!  Boy did it work! The Chromecast was so easy to use and my kids are excited that you control it from your iPads or iPhones.  Boys and there electronics, but heck, I like it too!  Since we had sports on Sunday and the weather was so nice, the party was kind of a flop but we sat and watched it and it was great.  It’s not a show I’d normally watch but my husband enjoyed it.  I’m more of a HGTV JoAnna and Chip kinda girl myself.  Is it bad I want a #shiplap shirt from there store? Anyways, having a free trial of HBO is great too because we get to watch things we don’t normally get to.  

Can’t wait to see what other awesome house parties there will be in the future! Check them out if you’ve never heard of them!
This post is sponsored by House Party. #sponsored #chromecastgot

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