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Baby Shower Gifts

With a few new babies coming from friends and family, it’s the perfect opportunity for me to use my new multi-needle embroidery machine and make those cute gifts I’d been dying to make for awhile.  With my single needle, it’s not as easy to make these so I had shyed away from making bigger named projects just because it’s so complex.  But no longer will I do that!! I LOVE my new Brother Entrepreneur PE-650e!


I made this matching set for my old co-worker/friend who is due with a little girl around Thanksgiving.  We are throwing her a little shower today with some co-workers and it will be fun to see all my old friends!DSC_0217-1

The gown was ordered and I appliqued her name onto it.  I found this fabulous fabric at Hobby Lobby, so bright and cheerful!!  I made her a matching bib with the pattern that my aunt mailed me when I was pregnant with my son 9 years ago!  It’s a great pattern and perfect size for babies!!  And homemade is WAY better then store bought!  I also purchased the little knit hat and put her name on it too!  Perfect for hospital pictures!DSC_0221-1

Making this tag blanket was super easy.  Just use a 12″ x 12″ piece of fabric and minky backing, along with various ribbons and stitch it together.  Babies love these things!DSC_0222-1 DSC_0224-1

made her this beautiful gown out of a onsie and fabric.  I saw a few patterns on Pinterest and kinda made up my own.  I didn’t take pictures, but maybe next time.  It has elastic on the bottom just like the regular gowns.  Matching bib with minky on the back and a personalize burp cloth for Miss Sophia!DSC_0226-1 I can’t wait to see her open it today, which is why I set the blog to publish later on so she won’t see it til she opens it at the shower!!!  Congrats Matt & Amanda!

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Project 365, Day 24

Cupcakes it is!! No one had Power Ranger’s decorations for cakes, so I decided to get all the colors of Power Rangers in cupcakes and then I made these little toppers to stick into the cupcakes.  I got the idea from Under A Cherry Tree.  If you have a Silhouette Cameo, you should check out her blog and her You Tube Channel.  I did this using the Print & Cut feature on my machine.  LOVE IT!

My mother in law was in town for Caden’s birthday party and so we went to eat lunch and also visit a family friend in the hospital.  Little baby Charlie is so cute!!! 

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Project 365, Day 16

Hockey, Hockey, Hockey!! It’s that time of the year!!  Brody had hockey practice today so we went to that and came home and had Little Cesar’s Pizza! YUMMY!! 

I also made this little cute shirt for someone who’s expecting a baby soon!  She requested train shirts since her older son loves trains!  Turned out so cute!

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Back to blogging and sewing projects!

Since I am unemployed at the moment, I’m getting back into blogging again.  Changed the name of the blog a little so I can showcase my sewing adventures!  God knows I love to sew!!!

Anyways, I’m making a baby quilt for a friend of mine, she picked out the fabric and I picked out the design.  I miss our friends in Arizona and since I couldn’t be there to meet her cute little boy, I thought I’d make him something they could have forever!!! Chevron is a pattern that is everywhere these days and I couldn’t wait to try it out!!  I got the idea from Missour Star Quilt Co. YouTube- Chevron Quilt Pattern.  It looked so easy and cute!  I’m a little behind in making it due to the holidays, but hey, it’s better late then never right?!

Riley Blake- Peak Hour Charm Pack

This is the pack of fabric I ordered from a seller on Etsy.  Well actually I ordered 2 charm packs to get enough fabric.  Then I had to go get a solid color (white) for the contrasting spots.  I just went to my local JoAnn Fabrics for this.  Then I had to cut the white to match up in 5″ squares with the rest of it.

 Once all the fabric was cut into squares, I had to draw a line diagonal across the squares and then sew on each side of it.  Once this was done, I had to go back and cut along that diagonal line, making it two separate squares.  One triangle white, one triangle pattern.  

 Once this was completed I had to iron them all flat so they could be put in a pattern and sew them together.  I used my bed to lay out the pattern, so I could see what it’d look like and try and space the colors out right to make it flow. 

Once it was up to my standards of color and pattern, it was time to sew it together!  That’s when I got to this point.  I got the whole quilt top sewn together today.  I went to JoAnn’s to get enough fabric for the back and the poly-fil for the middle of the quilt.  I also got the binding since I couldn’t find any color fabrics there that I liked for the bindings.  These are the pictures of the finished quilt top.  I’ll blog more once I’m done quilting the top and bottom together and then soon after that I’ll bind it and it will be on it’s way to it’s new home!!


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