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Been working on all sorts of fun stuff!

I haven’t gotten around to posting too often lately because between work, orders and kids’ sports, I haven’t had time!! But I have been making some super cute items for lots of people lately!!

I finally made my nephew a pillow for his birthday with his name. Since he just moved to his new room and loves anything with trains on it, I thought this was the perfect combination for him!¬† And he knew that it spelt his name too ūüôā



Then a friend at work’s sister is getting married, and she saw a shirt similar to this online somewhere and asked if I¬†could reproduce something simliar.¬† I think they turned out amazing!! It was a lot of work, because each color has to be done seperately, but in the¬†end, it was worth it!¬† I can’t wait to see the whole group in their matching shirts! I even added the bride and groom’s name on the back and their wedding date for the bride to wear!¬†¬†That way the rest of the¬†pary can still wear this shirt any other time, and it won’t have personal information on it.¬†



Wedding Season is also here!! I had an order for a group of glasses for a wedding party for their shower.¬† The girls are going to LOVE these cups.¬† I even minicked the colors of the wedding to make it all match!¬† I also put their names on the back of the cups, so they wouldn’t have any mixups!


I’ve also had a lot of other projects going on, and also, enjoying summer!! It was a LONG, HARD winter for us here in Michigan and so there will be no complaining about the heat/humidity/sunburns this year from us!!¬† Take it all in because we only get 3-4 good months of warm weather, the rest is colder.¬†¬† We have a few camping trips scheduled this summer, also going to the lake house, and baseball games!!! What are your summer plans?? I’d love to hear them!!

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Beach Tote

Who isn’t ready for the beach?? I AM!!¬† I also just got an awesome new vendor that I can get these {SUPER CUTE} beach bags from!!!¬† Polka dots are so fun and these bags are perfect for the beach or the pool!!!
You can get them personalized if you’d like with either your name, last name or initials!!
Hot Pink and Polka Dots {HOT}!!!!

Have any questions? Email me! 

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Who isn’t ready for summer?¬† Toes in the sand, blue waters in front of your view and a cold beverage to drink?¬† Maybe hanging out on a boat all day?? I’m READY!!!

I’ve been given the opportunity to get great products from a terrific vendor and I’d love to share them with you!!

Aren’t these floppy hats adorable!! They even come in kids sizes!!!¬† Email me at if your interested in purchasing one!!¬† Kid sizes are $19.99 and Adult sizes are $23.99.

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