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Quilted Blanket- Happy Birthday Mom!

So this blanket started about over a year ago while we were living in Arizona.  My mom had bought fabric, I said I was going to make her a blanket with it, and then I moved back, she moved and things happened.

DSC_0146-1-2 Well I finally got the fabric from her, and I started cutting it out in April of this year.  Well since her birthday was coming up, I decided, oh I might as well finish this quilt and it can be her birthday present! TADA!! It’s done.  It’s super soft and warm and it will go great with her grey living room decor!


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Happy 4th Birthday Caden!

I can’t believe that Caden is now 4!  He was such a tiny baby and a lot has happened with our lives since he was born!  He’s lived in Arizona, now back in Michigan. 

We had a party at Castaway Play Cafe in Howell.  The kids had a ton of fun running around like crazies!  They let out a lot of energy, so hopefully they all slept good that night!

I made this super cute shirt for Caden to wear.

I messed up on this since it was my first time making it, so he actually wore a red one at his party. 

He got tons of gifts and loved everything!! 

Thanks everyone who helped make his birthday awesome! He counted down his birthday for weeks and now he’s counting down til he’s 6 so he can start kindergarten like his big brother! Oh lord!

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Project 365, Day 20

Today is my little brother’s birthday!  Happy Birthday Jon!! 

It’s starting to get a cold here in Michigan finally, it was just spring weather the other day and now it’s FREEZING again!! 

Today we had hockey and I made this towel before we left for practice.

She just joined a sorority at her college so my Aunt asked if I could make her something!!  It’s lime green, pink and purple! LOVE IT!

Tonight I’m going with my mom and we are taking the boy’s to stay in a hotel in Frankenmuth, and then tomorrow we are taking them to Splash Village because Brody doesn’t have school.  Should be fun!

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Project 365, Day 18

January must be a popular month to be born! I have 2 Aunts, my Dad, My FIL, my Brother, my Cousin and Caden’s birthday’s all in January!  Today was my dad’s birthday! Happy Birthday Dad!!

I got my new machine today and am SUPER excited to use it! 

I made this shirt first thing with it!  I have lots of other projects in the works too!

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Project 365, Day 8

Brody’s at basketball practice so I’m getting things ready for dinner.  We are going to try this recipe Oven Toasted Ravioli Recipe from Six Sisters’ Stuff.  Their food and website are super cute and I can’t wait to meet them.  I’ve also looked for some slow cooker recipes on their website too.  Let’s hope it turns out good!

Didn’t do a whole lot today, called my friend MARVIN for unemployment.  Hopefully that gets going soon, missing income for 4 weeks now is frustrating.  I’m trying to plan Caden’s 4th birthday but need money for the deposit for the place.

We decided to have his party at Castaway Play.  With lots of little ones in the family, I think they will have a blast! Plus it’s made so that adults can play in it too!  Should be fun! 

Brody is ready for basketball!

Brody has his first basketball game of the season on Saturday! 🙂 He’s super excited.

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