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Panera Bread HACK! Passionfruit Papaya Green Tea

Now, we all love Panera Bread, and we love it even more now that their food is clean.  It has no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors or colors from artificial sources.  That makes it even better.  And when your slurping on that bowl of broccoli cheese soup from there, it’s even better than amazing.

But enough about that, I just found a genius hack from Panera Bread!  I had a $10 Panera Bread gift card that I could only use at the store and not online, so I decided that since I usually order online for lunch at work, why not go in and get some of their very yummy Passionfruit Papaya Green Tea and take it home.  I was going to buy the to-go bottles since then I could take it to work and drink it or just sip on it during this wonderful weather we are having!  Well I was checking out and it was like $14 for 5 bottles of tea and the cashier was like wait, I think you can get more for cheaper if you order it through our catering specials.  I was like sure, because I was only taking it home anyways.  She said well I can get you a gallon of the Passionfruit Papaya Green Tea for only $9.99.  I said SOLD!!!  So now I have fresh tea to drink at home and whenever I want and it was way cheaper than the original route I was going for!  Now I’m even considering bringing one of them to work and leaving it in the refrigerator at work so I can have it there too!

If you know me, you know my addiction to Cherry Coke was real.  Well in February after watching a bunch of documentaries about eating whole foods, less meat, more fresh veggies and less bad things, I gave up pop.  It was hard at first, but I don’t even crave it anymore.  But I was struggling with the caffeine part, and now I can have my fix so my afternoons don’t drag anymore!   I had went a few weeks without any caffeine but some nights when we have lots going on with sports for the boys, I need something to carry me through and I am not a huge coffee drinker.  So I think I found my answer, GREEN TEA!!

I had googled how to try and make this tea at home and lots of others had tried too but it wasn’t something that you could really just buy in a store.  So I’m excited to give this a try!!

Also, I was also super excited that a few months ago, I had free bagels for a month! It worked out great, I’d pick one up in the afternoon and eat it for breakfast the next day or my son would grab it on the way to hockey practice on the weekends.  THANKS PANERA BREAD!!

P.S.- I’m still debating on chopping my hair off again.  It’s just not working out for me long, always in a pony tail and giving me a headache.  A graduated bob or a-line bob is more of what is calling my name right now, although wearing a hat in the summer is a nice thing and with short hair, you look like a boy.  Decisions, decisions.

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Memorial Day 2016 Free Meals, Deals and Discounts for Veterans and the Military

My husband was in the Army and is now a Veteran after serving in the Iraq War (Operation Iraqi Freedom, OIF).  We use military discounts wherever we can and use them quite frequently at Home Depot and Lowes when we get materials to help fix our house up or a new grill and such.


But Memorial Weekend is a great time to go and enjoy some great discounts just for Veterans and the Military.  Don’t forget these when your out and about this weekend!

California Great America

Free admission. Up to 6 family members accompanying service member can get tickets for just $21.99

Fogo de Chao

50% off for Veterans with proper ID on Memorial Day.

Food Lion

10% off for Veterans with proper ID on May 30th only.


On Monday, May 30, all veterans and active-duty military personnel can enjoy an entrée on the house by presenting a valid military ID at any Hooters location across the nation.


5% discount good Thursday through Monday. Military ID or proof of service required.

King’s Dominion

Free Admission May 28-30 & July 4-5 free park admission.

Knott’s Berry Farm

Free Admission Free Admission May 28-30, 2016. Includes Knott’s Berry Farm and Knott’s Soak City. Display your valid Military ID at the ticket booth to get your free admission ticket. Good for one ticket per valid Military ID. Up to six tickets may be purchased for family and friends at a discounted rate.

Logan’s Roadhouse

15% discount for patrons in military uniform and/or those who have a military ID.

McCormick & Schmick’s

On Monday, May 30, active U.S. military, members of the National Guard and veterans can receive a complimentary lunch or dinner entrée

Ninety Nine Restaurant

Free meal from their $9.99 menu to all Active Duty Military and Veterans on Monday, May 30, 2016. ID required.


Free All-American Burger and fries to all veterans and active duty military members at all Shoney’s restaurants while supplies last.

Twin Peaks

Eat Free on May 30.

Under Armour

15% off on Under Armour for military from 5/24 – Tuesday, 5/31.  On June 1st the discount returns to 10%.

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Weekly Savings Plan- Saving for the Holiday Season

Well around last year at Christmas time, I was laid off from my job, as any other holiday, money was tight, but now it was even tighter.  Well I saw this thing on Pinterest that people kept pinning about you say so much per week and stash it away and you’ll have $1,378 by the end of the 52 weeks.

savings-plan Well I started doing it the first week of January and it’s amazing.  We don’t even realize the money is transferred out of our account each week now and we have quite a bit for savings this year.  We have more then enough for our 2 children for Christmas this year, and hopefully all the other things that come with the holidays.  I think I’ll keep doing this next year and just keep the extra in there, maybe we can use it for a vacation fund or fun money.  We just had a separate bank account and I just setup a weekly debit amount to transfer to the other account.  I had to manually go in there and do each week, but it was SO worth it.  Did you do this? Let me know how your liking it!! I also had some responses on my Facebook about this about people started in the middle of the year, so the bigger amounts weren’t coming out right before Christmas.  Or starting backwards and doing the bigger amounts now and lower ones later in the year.  Either way, still comes up to the same thing, SAVINGS!!

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