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Been working on all sorts of fun stuff!

I haven’t gotten around to posting too often lately because between work, orders and kids’ sports, I haven’t had time!! But I have been making some super cute items for lots of people lately!!

I finally made my nephew a pillow for his birthday with his name. Since he just moved to his new room and loves anything with trains on it, I thought this was the perfect combination for him!¬† And he knew that it spelt his name too ūüôā



Then a friend at work’s sister is getting married, and she saw a shirt similar to this online somewhere and asked if I¬†could reproduce something simliar.¬† I think they turned out amazing!! It was a lot of work, because each color has to be done seperately, but in the¬†end, it was worth it!¬† I can’t wait to see the whole group in their matching shirts! I even added the bride and groom’s name on the back and their wedding date for the bride to wear!¬†¬†That way the rest of the¬†pary can still wear this shirt any other time, and it won’t have personal information on it.¬†



Wedding Season is also here!! I had an order for a group of glasses for a wedding party for their shower.¬† The girls are going to LOVE these cups.¬† I even minicked the colors of the wedding to make it all match!¬† I also put their names on the back of the cups, so they wouldn’t have any mixups!


I’ve also had a lot of other projects going on, and also, enjoying summer!! It was a LONG, HARD winter for us here in Michigan and so there will be no complaining about the heat/humidity/sunburns this year from us!!¬† Take it all in because we only get 3-4 good months of warm weather, the rest is colder.¬†¬† We have a few camping trips scheduled this summer, also going to the lake house, and baseball games!!! What are your summer plans?? I’d love to hear them!!

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Baby Shower Gifts

With a few new babies coming from friends and family, it’s the perfect opportunity for me to use my new multi-needle embroidery machine and make those cute gifts I’d been dying to make for awhile.¬† With my single needle, it’s not as easy to make these so I had shyed away from making bigger named projects just because it’s so complex.¬† But no longer will I do that!! I LOVE my new Brother Entrepreneur PE-650e!


I made this matching set for my old co-worker/friend who is due with a little girl around Thanksgiving.  We are throwing her a little shower today with some co-workers and it will be fun to see all my old friends!DSC_0217-1

The gown was ordered and I appliqued her name onto it.¬† I found this fabulous fabric at Hobby Lobby, so bright and cheerful!!¬† I made her a matching bib with the pattern that my aunt mailed me when I was pregnant with my son 9 years ago!¬† It’s a great pattern and perfect size for babies!!¬† And homemade is WAY better then store bought!¬† I also purchased the little knit hat and put her name on it too!¬† Perfect for hospital pictures!DSC_0221-1

Making this tag blanket was super easy.¬† Just use a 12″ x 12″ piece of fabric and minky backing, along with various ribbons and stitch it together.¬† Babies love these things!DSC_0222-1 DSC_0224-1

made her this beautiful gown out of a onsie and fabric.¬† I saw a few patterns on Pinterest and kinda made up my own.¬† I didn’t take pictures, but maybe next time.¬† It has elastic on the bottom just like the regular gowns.¬† Matching bib with minky on the back and a personalize burp cloth for Miss Sophia!DSC_0226-1 I can’t wait to see her open it today, which is why I set the blog to publish later on so she won’t see it til she opens it at the shower!!!¬† Congrats Matt & Amanda!

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Spring Break

My son has an extra long spring break this year.¬† 11 days off!¬† We are headed up north this weekend but for most of the week we’ll just be hanging around the house, enjoying not having to run places.¬† Hopefully here in Michigan, the weather will warm up!¬† It’s still chilly!!
It’s been a year since we’ve been back in Michigan.¬† For those who are new followers, we lived in Arizona for a year, but came back.¬† So it’s nice to be home again, back in our old house, with family, friends and everything!¬† We are thankful to be able to come back to our house after renting it out for a year and not have “too” much damage by the tenants. ¬†
What kind of fun adventures do you have planned for your Spring Break?
Can’t wait to sit on the beach and see these sunsets and water again!

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Project 365, Day 19

Hockey starts today!!¬† Brody and Chris were excited that hockey is back on TV!!¬† Watched the game and had a few friends over.¬† It was fun!¬† I also cut out another design on my machine to try out!¬† I had a few extra blank shirts in Caden’s size so I could know he was at least going to wear it!

Love it!! I can’t wait to do more things with this machine! I can do vinyl for the wall now, so making quotes and names, also wanting to order some blank cups and other things to personalize too!!¬† Perfect for camping and having a cup with your name on it, so you don’t have to waste cups and forget what one is yours!!¬†¬† Using this one as an example:¬†


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