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Snow Day!!!

Most of us here in Michigan had an extra long weekend, and no not because of the Super Bowl!  We had a big snow storm here last night and most of us are snowed in!!  The kids had a snow day and I had a work snow day! It’s such a great feeling to work for a great company that is so thoughtful for their employee’s and their safety!!

So anyways, with an extra day to be home and craft, I decided to finish up a few Etsy orders and get some new things out there for folks to purchase!  I just made this super cute Detroit Tiger’s Shirt that I think will be a hot seller since EVERYONE loves the Tigers! il_570xN.721481446_c0k1

I also designed some Valentine’s Day Cards for my son and decided that why not add them to Etsy to share if anyone else wanted to be able to use them!



Both of my son’s are still playing lots of hockey, either out in our front yard, or at the rink.  Caden got to practice with the Michigan State Spartans hockey team on his birthday and that was exciting for him!  Brody gets to do it in a couple of weeks.  But Brody also got to participate in a shoot-out between periods at the MSU vs OSU hockey game on January 24th and it was such a great experience! We were so proud of him and of course, he SCORED!!!


Brody during the MSU vs OSU game- Team Titan Shoot-out


Caden at his game

Hope everyone has a fabulous week!

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Project 365, Day 20

Today is my little brother’s birthday!  Happy Birthday Jon!! 

It’s starting to get a cold here in Michigan finally, it was just spring weather the other day and now it’s FREEZING again!! 

Today we had hockey and I made this towel before we left for practice.

She just joined a sorority at her college so my Aunt asked if I could make her something!!  It’s lime green, pink and purple! LOVE IT!

Tonight I’m going with my mom and we are taking the boy’s to stay in a hotel in Frankenmuth, and then tomorrow we are taking them to Splash Village because Brody doesn’t have school.  Should be fun!

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Project 365, Day 19

Hockey starts today!!  Brody and Chris were excited that hockey is back on TV!!  Watched the game and had a few friends over.  It was fun!  I also cut out another design on my machine to try out!  I had a few extra blank shirts in Caden’s size so I could know he was at least going to wear it!

Love it!! I can’t wait to do more things with this machine! I can do vinyl for the wall now, so making quotes and names, also wanting to order some blank cups and other things to personalize too!!  Perfect for camping and having a cup with your name on it, so you don’t have to waste cups and forget what one is yours!!   Using this one as an example: 


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Project 365, Day 16

Hockey, Hockey, Hockey!! It’s that time of the year!!  Brody had hockey practice today so we went to that and came home and had Little Cesar’s Pizza! YUMMY!! 

I also made this little cute shirt for someone who’s expecting a baby soon!  She requested train shirts since her older son loves trains!  Turned out so cute!

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Project 365, Day 14

Since Chris works for AT&T now, we ordered U-Verse because we get a discount on it.  So that was installed today and we love it!  I already have The Biggest Loser and The Bachelor set to record tonight so I don’t forget about them!  🙂  The boys can even watch it on their Xbox in their room.  That is, whenever they aren’t using Netflix.  I tell you what, we get our money’s worth out of Netflix each month!  They love to watch everything on there, and if it wasn’t for sports, HGTV and a few select other channels, we could do without cable once again.

But now that hockey is FINALLY starting back up again (GO WINGS!) we will be watching that quite a bit again. Detroit Red Wings

I ordered my new crafty machine today also.  I’m excited to offer new things in my shop once I get the hang of it!  My first project is a few key chains, cups, and a shirt for Caden’s birthday!  Since I am at home, why not use this time to better my personal Etsy shop!  Be sure to keep up with my blog to see all the cool new things that are going to be happening in the future!!

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Project 365, Day 13

Hockey, hockey, skating and more skating.  That’s what went on today!!  Caden had learn to skate, Brody had hockey and then afterwards they had free open skating so they both skated again!  They love it!!  Caden did keep getting mad that Brody was skating too fast for him, but he’s getting better.  He started Snowplow 2 yesterday.

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Project 365, Day 12

Busy sports day for the family.  Brody had his first ever basketball game.  He had a lot of fun playing and his grandparents and aunt came to watch him.  I don’t quite remember what the final score was but they all tried their hardest running up and down that court! 

We went to eat lunch after that at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Cancun Mexican Grill. 

Then we headed to the Michigan State Hockey game.  They have a deal where you can get 4 tickets, 4 drinks and 4 hot dogs, nachos or pretzels for $50.  Good night of fun for not that much money!  Saw a good game too! They won 4-1!  Then the boy’s got to go into the player’s locker room and check it out and stuff.  They thought it was cool!

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Project 365, Day 9

Snow is melting and it’s getting muddy outside.  Abby likes to get dirty, which dog doesn’t!!  It’s supposed to be almost 55 degrees on Saturday, I thought it was the middle of January??!

We had hockey tonight, so Brody skated and Caden ran around the outside of the rink.  He likes to pretend to play on all the games outside in the lobby too.

I’m trying to change my FB page for Brodacious Bags but FB is not being very cooperative and I may of already screwed myself by changing my web address to the new name already, but they won’t change the real name.  So I can’t even make a new page now with the name I want 🙁  BOO!!!  But maybe I should just direct everyone to my Etsy site anyways, since FB doesn’t get many views these days with all their setting changes.  Between this blog and my Etsy, hopefully sales can pick up!

My Etsy Site

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