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Custom Name Pillows- $30

I’ve been so busy with orders lately, I haven’t had time to blog!!!

Everyone was getting ready for babies being born and Easter coming that I have a backlog of things to make!  Pushing it to get done by Easter weekend so we can go up north for the weekend!

Check out these cute pillows!


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Project 365, Day 19

Hockey starts today!!  Brody and Chris were excited that hockey is back on TV!!  Watched the game and had a few friends over.  It was fun!  I also cut out another design on my machine to try out!  I had a few extra blank shirts in Caden’s size so I could know he was at least going to wear it!

Love it!! I can’t wait to do more things with this machine! I can do vinyl for the wall now, so making quotes and names, also wanting to order some blank cups and other things to personalize too!!  Perfect for camping and having a cup with your name on it, so you don’t have to waste cups and forget what one is yours!!   Using this one as an example: 


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