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You’re NEVER gonna get it all DONE!

Sometimes social media distracts you from what you are trying to accomplish.  And sometimes life gets in the way, here is a great article from Handmadeology about how to better use your time and manager it better to get projects done throughout the day!


I know that as I also work full time and do my business full time that there doesn’t always leave a lot of free time, but if you want to be successful, you have to be busy and get your product out there!  But you have to set time away, say this is the time of night where it’s Etsy time, this is the time of night I check Facebook.   Facebook sucks you in and you lose an hour of productivity and then your behind on your things.  Using time management is key!

But also don’t ignore your social media! Use it to your advantage, as that’s where a majority of your customers are looking for information!

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Where It All Started- Silhouette Cameo Project

I was asked to make a unique wedding shower gift and once I looked online for some inspiration I came up with this fabulous pillow!! I just LOVE how it turned out!DSC_0198-1I used my Silhouette Cameo just like I use with a lot of my other projects.  This was a project made with freezer paper, paint and fabric.

I bought some fabric from JoAnn Fabrics in a tan color, almost like a Muslin.  Then I had the regular paint at home, which I just added fabric medium to it.  I use a flat headed sponge brush to paint it and freezer paper stencil cut out from my Silhouette.     photo 1 (10)You cut the negative image out on freezer paper, and you mirror the image.  You then iron the freezer paper onto the fabric, with shiny side down, and it temporarily sticks to the fabric your ironing it onto.  This creates a stencil and you can paint it how you wish! I’ve did this quite a few times with the other pillows I have in my Etsy Shop too.   photo 2 (10)Just brush the paint on, and make sure the whole area is covered.  Don’t put too much on or it will take forever to try and it might seep through the edges of the paper and your project won’t turn out right. photo 3 (4)Tada!  After the paint dries, you peel off the paper and you have your project!!  I thought a little red in the heart would be perfect for this pillow.  The pillow is meant to represent where the couple met each other.  I know they will love it! I can’t wait to get it listed on my Etsy Shop! DSC_0200-1

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Baby Shower Gifts

With a few new babies coming from friends and family, it’s the perfect opportunity for me to use my new multi-needle embroidery machine and make those cute gifts I’d been dying to make for awhile.  With my single needle, it’s not as easy to make these so I had shyed away from making bigger named projects just because it’s so complex.  But no longer will I do that!! I LOVE my new Brother Entrepreneur PE-650e!


I made this matching set for my old co-worker/friend who is due with a little girl around Thanksgiving.  We are throwing her a little shower today with some co-workers and it will be fun to see all my old friends!DSC_0217-1

The gown was ordered and I appliqued her name onto it.  I found this fabulous fabric at Hobby Lobby, so bright and cheerful!!  I made her a matching bib with the pattern that my aunt mailed me when I was pregnant with my son 9 years ago!  It’s a great pattern and perfect size for babies!!  And homemade is WAY better then store bought!  I also purchased the little knit hat and put her name on it too!  Perfect for hospital pictures!DSC_0221-1

Making this tag blanket was super easy.  Just use a 12″ x 12″ piece of fabric and minky backing, along with various ribbons and stitch it together.  Babies love these things!DSC_0222-1 DSC_0224-1

made her this beautiful gown out of a onsie and fabric.  I saw a few patterns on Pinterest and kinda made up my own.  I didn’t take pictures, but maybe next time.  It has elastic on the bottom just like the regular gowns.  Matching bib with minky on the back and a personalize burp cloth for Miss Sophia!DSC_0226-1 I can’t wait to see her open it today, which is why I set the blog to publish later on so she won’t see it til she opens it at the shower!!!  Congrats Matt & Amanda!

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Crunchy Kosher Dill Pickles- Canning Recipe

So this year, we planted a garden and I planted regular cucumbers and pickling cucumbers.  We love pickles and my aunt was always making awesome pickles so I thought, I should be able to do this.  She sent me her recipe she used, and I found one online and this is what I cam up with!  I canned them 3 weeks ago and we just opened up a jar, YUMMY!  They taste great!

I found this recipe on the website Mama Economics and they are GREAT!

Crunchy Kosher Dill Pickles
Author: Jennifer Williams
Recipe type: Canning
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 7 quart jars
  • 7 wide mouth jars with lids and rings
  • fresh or dried dill
  • cucumbers washed
  • 7 cloves of garlic
  • 7 hot peppers (optional)
  • 8½ cups water
  • 2¼ white vinegar
  • ½ cup pickling salt
  1. Wash jars
  2. Fill stock pot about ¼ cup of water set on burner and turn to high heat
  3. In medium saucepan fill ⅓ way with water set on burner and turn to high heat, bring almost to a boil, remove from burner and put lids in saucepan
  4. In a large pot bring water, vinegar, and salt to a boil
  5. Put garlic, dill, and cut peppers in jars ( I use kitchen shears to cut my peppers)
  6. Load cukes into jars tightly until you reach the neck of the jars
  7. Pour brine into jars, leaving ½ inch head space
  8. Add lid and ring to each jar and tighten
  9. Place jars into canner making sure water is JUST to the necks of the jars
  10. Bring water to ALMOST a boil, about 15 minutes
  11. Remove jars from canner, set on towel turned upside down
  12. Cover jars with a towel until cool
  13. Once cool, check for seal, label, and store in a cool dark location
  14. Pickles are ready to eat immediately, store in fridge once jars are opened

Here are some pictures to go along with the process:

Clean jars before canning

Clean jars before canning

Boiling lids

Boiling lids

Chop up your cucumbers whatever way you desire.  This time I sliced them, next time I'm gonna do some hamburger style slices.

Chop up your cucumbers whatever way you desire. This time I sliced them, next time I’m gonna do some hamburger style slices.

Dill and Garlic

Dill and Garlic

Jars filled with dill and garlic.  This is where I added a few hot peppers to a couple jars to see what they'd taste like.  You can also add red pepper flakes.

Jars filled with dill and garlic. This is where I added a few hot peppers to a couple jars to see what they’d taste like. You can also add red pepper flakes.

Fill jars with cucumbers.

Fill jars with cucumbers.

Pour the brine into the jars.

Pour the brine into the jars.

Jars closed and ready to boil so they can get their seal.

Jars closed and ready to boil so they can get their seal.

Boiling in the stockpot, waiting for them to seal.  Boil for about 15 mins.

Boiling in the stockpot, waiting for them to seal. Boil for about 15 mins.

Make sure you check the seals, no popped tops.  Store in a cool place for a couple weeks then enjoy!

Make sure you check the seals, no popped tops. Store in a cool place for a couple weeks then enjoy!

Up close shot after they were boiled and sealed.  They are now in the basement on a shelf.

Up close shot after they were boiled and sealed. They are now in the basement on a shelf.

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WAHM vs Working Mom

I know that there are tons of discussions and posts about the benefits of a working mom, or the benefits of a stay at home mom out there.  I’d just like to take a few minutes and tell you what I feel like is going on in our household.  After moving back from Arizona last year, I finally found a job that was great.  But after 6 months I was laid off, and left without a job right before Christmas.  I had been crafting on the side for a few years now and decided, well, I’m gonna get unemployment for awhile, so why not PUSH sales to my Etsy Shop.  This started to grow and grow, and I decided that it was finally time to purchase the cutting machine that I knew would help me be successful at home too. Since I already had a Brother PE-770 Embroidery Machine, I purchased a Silhouette Cameo and never looked back again! silhouette-cameo

It has been a constant flow of sales from then on.  I finally registered as a business, have a Sales Tax ID # and buy things wholesale.  But deep down I still want to work out of the home.  I want to meet new friends, I don’t want to sit in my craft room all day and I want to find other mommies that like to do the same stuff as I do.  My youngest was pulled out of daycare when I was laid off, simply because we couldn’t afford it at the time.  But as time is wearing on, I’m thinking about sending him to 2-3 day part time preschool just for him to be able to interact with more kids and get him out of the house when I’m crafting.  He gets so bored, but I can’t really do much if I’m “working” at home too.

This is my struggle.  I went to school, got my Bachelors and I know that I’m using it with my own business, but it’s scary having your own business.  Your at the mercy of other people wanting or needing your products!  Just like last year in November, I did a craft show and I didn’t make anything.  But here on Etsy, I can sell like crazy.  I guess people want certain things at craft shows and I wasn’t what they were interested in.  But now I’m wanting to do more this year, just to get my name out there again in the local areas.

And then there is blogging.  I’d love to be a successful blogger.  I see so many mommies that blog about their daily lives, their DIY projects, they get sponsors to help them do giveaways and I am like, I can do that! I can write, post about DIY stuff and talk about my Etsy Shop too!  And then I see all these conferences that I’d love to go to.  One in particular is the Snap!Conference next year in April.  After hearing about it a couple years ago, I just want to go!  I think I’d learn so much stuff, but then again, it’s spending money on admission, plane ticket, and hotel, and what if???

For right now I guess I am content, working from home, doing things around the house to save on money, help us out in the long run, and maybe in a year when my youngest is ready for Kindergarten, things will change?  But then again, maybe not? 😉

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Happy New Year!! Project 365, Day 1

Happy New Year!!!  I’ve decided I’m gonna try and blog everyday about something, whether it’s just a picture I took of the kids that day or something little.  We’ll see how it works. 

Finished up the quilting on this baby quilt for a friend, still working on the binding but I should have that finished tomorrow. 

Back side of quilt
Hand sewing the binding to the front of the quilt

And then here is one more picture from yesterday, Brody was down in the basement playing hockey and wanted to see what he looked like 🙂

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