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Winter? It’s April in Michigan.

So yesterday was almost 70 degrees, the heat was off in the house, windows cracked to get some fresh air flowing and all was good.  Throw in some storms and then there is today, cold, heat back on, windows shut and SNOW! Yup I said it, SNOW!  It is April 19th, and we are having snow!  BBBRRR

I am really ready for spring.  I’m ready to see the sunshine, enjoy the outdoors, and even more let the boys play outside. 

We got rid of cable tv this week, in an effort to save money and get the kids from not watching as much tv also.  We won’t really miss it.  With Netflix, movies and local channels off the Antenna, not much you can miss.  You can watch almost any show the next day after it’s aired online too. 

Chris and Brody also built a little computer called a Raspberry Pi, it’s pretty awesome.  You just hook it up to your tv, load the software and it’s good to go! Cheap too!!  Brody built a Lego case for it, since it’s only about 3″ x 4″ long.

Hopefully we can do some yard work this weekend, we need to get our new mailbox up!

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Slime? Flubber? Let’s make it!

My oldest son made this before at summer camp and when he saw I had the Borax out the other day making my homemade laundry soap, he’s like “Mom, can we make slime?” Sure!  We had to find some glue in the house but we found a bottle I had got super cheap with coupons when school started so we made green slime!


  • Elmer’s white glue or Elmer’s school glue gel
  • Borax (find in the laundry detergent aisle of the store)
  • Water
  • Two bowls
  • Food coloring (optional)

What to do:

  1. In one bowl mix 1/2 cup (4 oz) glue and 1/2 cup water. 
  2. In the other bowl, mix 1 teaspoon borax with 1 cup water until the borax is dissolved.
  3. Add the glue mixture to the borax solution, stirring slowly.
  4. The slime will begin to form immediately; stir as much as you can, then dig in and knead it with your hands until it gets less sticky. (No one makes slime without getting a little messy!) Don’t worry about any leftover water in the bowl; just pour it out. 
  5. Put the slime in a plastic bag and add a few drops of food coloring.  Squish it around in the bag and it will magically turn colors! (Brody chose green) 

What’s happening?
The glue has an ingredient called polyvinyl acetate, which is a liquid polymer. The borax links the polyvinyl acetate molecules to each other, creating one large, flexible polymer. This kind of slime will get stiffer and more like putty the more you play with it.
Store it in a plastic bag in the fridge, to keep it from growing mold.

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Project 365, Day 20

Today is my little brother’s birthday!  Happy Birthday Jon!! 

It’s starting to get a cold here in Michigan finally, it was just spring weather the other day and now it’s FREEZING again!! 

Today we had hockey and I made this towel before we left for practice.

She just joined a sorority at her college so my Aunt asked if I could make her something!!  It’s lime green, pink and purple! LOVE IT!

Tonight I’m going with my mom and we are taking the boy’s to stay in a hotel in Frankenmuth, and then tomorrow we are taking them to Splash Village because Brody doesn’t have school.  Should be fun!

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