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My first handmade T-Shirt Memory Quilt


I was so excited at the opportunity to make my cousin a t-shirt quilt for her graduation party.  My aunt asked me if I’d be interested in making one for her, I jumped right on that opportunity!  I have a couple friends that I’ve met online that have made t-shirts quilts and I really wanted to get started on making them!  The ones I’ve seem are amazing and it’s such a great way to remember the things you’ve done while growing up and before you head off to college.  Of course you can use these for other reasons too!  You can have a bunch of sports jerseys made into a memory quilt so you can remember all the sports you played growing up also.

These quilts take a long time to create, it’s a process to get everything ready and ironed and quilted and binding finished.  I decided I wanted to show all the steps along the way!


Rotary Cutter

Cutting Mat


15″ Quilting Square

Iron-on Interfacing


Cotton quilting fabric



So the first step was for me to take a day off my regular job so I could just focus and get the whole quilt front completed in a day!  I wanted to make sure it went smoothly so I was excited to just do what I love all day…..SEW!!!

I laid out all the shirts they gave me and I put them in the pattern that I thought best fit.  I tried to space the colors out and since there was a lot of black ones I tried to mix them around with the colors and line them out the best I could.


Once I had them all lined out, it was time to get the shirts cut.  Now this is where you can do variations of what your doing.  I decided it was best to just use a 15″ t-shirt square I picked up to make sure that all the squares were even and straight.  This was the fastest way I knew how.  But now, if your doing some smaller sized shirts, you could also use a different size pattern to make your quilt.  It’s really up to you!  The possibilities of what your quilt could turn out like are endless! It might also depend on what size your wanting for the end product.  img_8027-1

img_8028-1I would iron to the iron-on interfacing to each shirt before I cut it to make sure it was laying flat and that I had the design in the middle of the square I was trying to cut.  Now this won’t always work because sometimes the pattern is too high and you don’t want the neck hole in the quilt but generally it’s fine.  I also had to patch a few shirts because she played volleyball and they were v-necks or tank tops and so they weren’t quite big enough so I had to sew some of the backing to the front or sew around the necklines so they’d lay down to fill up holes.  This took quite a few hours to complete.  At this time I also would lay the quilt out as I was cutting it and move things around if I felt they better fit somewhere else.


Now this is my 8 year old son laying on the quilt to show the size of it.  It turned out to be massive.  It was about 86″ long by 72″ wide when we finished up the take the quilt to the quilters.  I was lucky enough to find someone local in the Lansing, MI area to do some fabulous quilting on this.  She just did a stippling pattern but it didn’t take away from the quilt’s patterns and it wasn’t too overpowering.  But before I did drop the quilt off, I had to sew the 2 back pieces together because the quilt was so wide, that 1 piece of fabric wouldn’t fit along the back.  I had the idea since I have my embroidery machine to make a special patch on the back with her name, school and year she graduated so she’d also remember this quilt when she’s a lot older.  Maybe her grandkids will love this quilt!



This quilt was almost finished and I just had to finalize the binding so I took it with me on Memorial Weekend to our family’s lake house to finish up the binding so I could make sure it was done in time for her open house.


I had to cut all the binding into strips and sew that together and then attach it to the quilt.  This takes awhile too as your wanting to make sure it’s laying flat and matching up front and back as your going.  I sewed it on with my sewing machine but some people hand stitch their binding.  My hands go numb when I try that stuff so I’ll stick to using my machine!



Here is the final product!!

This is my cousin Taylor standing next to her quilt.  We had an awesome stand and it worked out perfectly to have the blanket up for display during her whole open house in the garage.  So many people complimented on it and I was so proud of how it turned out!  If you are interested in having one made- contact me!

I have the pricing list on my Facebook page


Happy Sewing!


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Disney’s FROZEN Shirt

As you know, Disney’s Frozen is one of the most talked about movies right now.  All little girls want to watch it, sing it, talk like it, and dress like it!! Well I had a request to make the cutest shirt ever!  It’s of both Anna and Elsa together.

Frozen SistersThe mom and daughter that requested it are going to Disney World for spring break this year.  The little girl LOVES this shirt and said it was her favorite shirt ever!!  It did turn out super cute!

I also made a shirt for little sister, Minnie Mouse of course!

Minnie Mouse

Take a look at my Facebook page if your curious on other designs that I can make.  And as always, there is my Etsy store too.

See something you might be interested in? Email me!

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Where It All Started- Silhouette Cameo Project

I was asked to make a unique wedding shower gift and once I looked online for some inspiration I came up with this fabulous pillow!! I just LOVE how it turned out!DSC_0198-1I used my Silhouette Cameo just like I use with a lot of my other projects.  This was a project made with freezer paper, paint and fabric.

I bought some fabric from JoAnn Fabrics in a tan color, almost like a Muslin.  Then I had the regular paint at home, which I just added fabric medium to it.  I use a flat headed sponge brush to paint it and freezer paper stencil cut out from my Silhouette.     photo 1 (10)You cut the negative image out on freezer paper, and you mirror the image.  You then iron the freezer paper onto the fabric, with shiny side down, and it temporarily sticks to the fabric your ironing it onto.  This creates a stencil and you can paint it how you wish! I’ve did this quite a few times with the other pillows I have in my Etsy Shop too.   photo 2 (10)Just brush the paint on, and make sure the whole area is covered.  Don’t put too much on or it will take forever to try and it might seep through the edges of the paper and your project won’t turn out right. photo 3 (4)Tada!  After the paint dries, you peel off the paper and you have your project!!  I thought a little red in the heart would be perfect for this pillow.  The pillow is meant to represent where the couple met each other.  I know they will love it! I can’t wait to get it listed on my Etsy Shop! DSC_0200-1

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Baby Shower Gifts

With a few new babies coming from friends and family, it’s the perfect opportunity for me to use my new multi-needle embroidery machine and make those cute gifts I’d been dying to make for awhile.  With my single needle, it’s not as easy to make these so I had shyed away from making bigger named projects just because it’s so complex.  But no longer will I do that!! I LOVE my new Brother Entrepreneur PE-650e!


I made this matching set for my old co-worker/friend who is due with a little girl around Thanksgiving.  We are throwing her a little shower today with some co-workers and it will be fun to see all my old friends!DSC_0217-1

The gown was ordered and I appliqued her name onto it.  I found this fabulous fabric at Hobby Lobby, so bright and cheerful!!  I made her a matching bib with the pattern that my aunt mailed me when I was pregnant with my son 9 years ago!  It’s a great pattern and perfect size for babies!!  And homemade is WAY better then store bought!  I also purchased the little knit hat and put her name on it too!  Perfect for hospital pictures!DSC_0221-1

Making this tag blanket was super easy.  Just use a 12″ x 12″ piece of fabric and minky backing, along with various ribbons and stitch it together.  Babies love these things!DSC_0222-1 DSC_0224-1

made her this beautiful gown out of a onsie and fabric.  I saw a few patterns on Pinterest and kinda made up my own.  I didn’t take pictures, but maybe next time.  It has elastic on the bottom just like the regular gowns.  Matching bib with minky on the back and a personalize burp cloth for Miss Sophia!DSC_0226-1 I can’t wait to see her open it today, which is why I set the blog to publish later on so she won’t see it til she opens it at the shower!!!  Congrats Matt & Amanda!

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Jo-Ann Fabrics Waverize It! Challenge- Floor Cushion/Pillows

I was given the opportunity to partner up with Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts again to show you Wavery Fabrics 90th anniversary with some new fabrics they came out with!  I was given a sample to make something with for part of the Waverize It! challenge.

The following review is a part of the Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores Waverly campaign. I received fabric from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores for this project, however, this is my personal, honest opinion based on my experience.

I searched through Pinterest for ideas on what to make and came up with floor pillows!  My son’s like to play video games in the basement and since we don’t have anything for them to sit on to play, I thought this fabric was the perfect opportunity for me to use it and give them a seat to use!

I was inspired by the blog Living with Punks. She made 2 of the cutest little pillows for her children and I was excited to follow along with her easy steps to make them too!

DSC_0990-1If you’d like to make your own, here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 yard Home Dec Fabric
  • 2 pkgs. 1/2 ” pre-made piping
  • Contrasting Thread
  • 16-24oz. Fiberfill, depending on how lofty you want it


Since I didn’t have a compass to draw a straight circle (which would be easier by the way) I just took my measuring tape and fabric marker and measured out 17″ acrossed.  I marked a dot on each side of the tape and then found the center of that.  I just rotated around the center mark, marking around until I had enough dots around the fabric to connect the circle.


This is what my circle looked like on the pattern.  I then cut it out.  I was able to cut 2 at the same time because I had the fabric folded in half and that way they’d be measured the same.

You will need:
 2 of the 17″ circles (top and bottom)
1 piece cut at 9″x51.5″ (side) **you will have to piece this together if your fabric is 45″**
2 pieces cut at 3″ x 12″ (handle)


Then you attached the bias tape around the circle, matching up with the edges so it forms a circle.  Make sure your lining up the raw edges, as when your sewing, you want the piping to be towards the middle.DSC_0994-1With contrasting thread, sew around the circle stitching the binding to the fabric.  Do this for both circles, making sure your sewing close enough to the edge to grab both the fabric and the binding with no spaces.  Don’t forget to sew up the long edge of the fabric once you get to that point.  Don’t want to leave a big hole on the side of your pillow!

DSC_0996-1 DSC_0997-1

Next you’d make the handle, but I guess I didn’t take any in depth pictures of this.  You take the one piece of fabric, add the binding like you were on the circle, but add a piece of piping on both sides.  Sew this onto the fabric.  When this is done, put the other piece of the handle upside down on top of the piping and sew on each side matching the same stitching you just sewed on.  Fold the fabric inside out and iron down flat.  Fold the ends in to hide the raw edges and stitch the ends closed. DSC_0998-1

Adding the handle was fairly easy.  Just pick a side of the pillow and pin the handle to the middle of the side.  Remember to leave a little give room as you want to make sure there is spacing in the handle to put your hand through.  Stitch on each side of the handle and sew a cross through each side to add support and strength to the handle.DSC_0999-1Pin around the other edge of the circle to finish making the pillow.  Pin around all bout a couple inches of the circle so you can leave that open to turn the pillow the right way, and leave a spot to fill with stuffing.

DSC_1000-1 Picture with hole before flipping pillow outside in.DSC_1001-1Pillow before I added any stuffing. DSC_1002-1 I stuffed the pillow with as much stuffing as I thought it would need.  With having boys, I overstuffed it because I know it will break down fast as they are rough and tough kids! I’m sure it will be used as a weapon against each other at some point.  Fill it up with as much cushion as you’d think it will need.DSC_1003-1 Hand sew the opening shut.  I’m not very good at doing this, or hiding the thread but do the best that you can.  DSC_1004-1Tada!! Finished pillow!!!  It turned out so cute! 🙂  I just need to make another one now to match it so they both have a place to sit. DSC_1006-1Standing on it’s side. DSC_1007-1My youngest son modeling the size to show you how big it is.  He’s 4 so it’s perfect size for him! DSC_1008-1He’s even modeling that you can carry it, as he says “no mom, I want to carry it on my arm like this”

Now if you like the fabric you see, you can go onto Facebook and be entered to win the grand price of $1,000 in Wavery fabric or a $250 Jo-Ann gift card!!! Head on over to JoAnn’s Website to enter the contest!  Make something unique of your own with some of Waverly’s amazing fabrics and post it on their site for a chance to win!  You can enter the contest from Sept 1-22!  Winners will be chosen after that date.

I’ve used Waverly fabrics on purses, tote bags and pillows before.  I love that they have so many cute patterns and designs to choose from!!  And for a purse, the fabric is much sturdier then just a normal cotton fabric you might use.  If you enter the contest, don’t forget to come back here and show me what you made!


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Thank you!

So I was just eating my lunch, look at when I had hit 600 Sales on Etsy and that was July 31st. So that means I’ve had 95 sales in 15 days! WOW! No wonder I’m busy all the time! And the addition of this new machine will make it even more! THANK YOU CUSTOMERS!!!

I am also adding a new machine to my business next week.  I purchased a Brother 650e 6-Needle Embroidery Machine.  I’ve wanted this machine for about 5 years, but since I couldn’t afford it, I had a smaller embroidery machine.  Well to stay at home and be successful full time, this was the next step to add to my business.  I’m hoping that with this new machine, I can stay at home for awhile and be a full blown embroidery business.  I’m so excited about this opportunity and I feel like it was a great purchase!  pr650e__27887.1369928909.1280.1280

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Enter to Win a Personalized Melamine Platter

To thank all my wonderful customers for all their purchases, I am doing another giveaway!!!il_570xN.390370452_2qah

Enter below to win a Personalized Melamine Platter!  Winner to be announced Friday, August 16th at 7pm!!  Spread the word and tell your friends!  Enter now!!  (You get to customize the platter yourself.  Pick the background patter, colors, names and everything!)

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WAHM vs Working Mom

I know that there are tons of discussions and posts about the benefits of a working mom, or the benefits of a stay at home mom out there.  I’d just like to take a few minutes and tell you what I feel like is going on in our household.  After moving back from Arizona last year, I finally found a job that was great.  But after 6 months I was laid off, and left without a job right before Christmas.  I had been crafting on the side for a few years now and decided, well, I’m gonna get unemployment for awhile, so why not PUSH sales to my Etsy Shop.  This started to grow and grow, and I decided that it was finally time to purchase the cutting machine that I knew would help me be successful at home too. Since I already had a Brother PE-770 Embroidery Machine, I purchased a Silhouette Cameo and never looked back again! silhouette-cameo

It has been a constant flow of sales from then on.  I finally registered as a business, have a Sales Tax ID # and buy things wholesale.  But deep down I still want to work out of the home.  I want to meet new friends, I don’t want to sit in my craft room all day and I want to find other mommies that like to do the same stuff as I do.  My youngest was pulled out of daycare when I was laid off, simply because we couldn’t afford it at the time.  But as time is wearing on, I’m thinking about sending him to 2-3 day part time preschool just for him to be able to interact with more kids and get him out of the house when I’m crafting.  He gets so bored, but I can’t really do much if I’m “working” at home too.

This is my struggle.  I went to school, got my Bachelors and I know that I’m using it with my own business, but it’s scary having your own business.  Your at the mercy of other people wanting or needing your products!  Just like last year in November, I did a craft show and I didn’t make anything.  But here on Etsy, I can sell like crazy.  I guess people want certain things at craft shows and I wasn’t what they were interested in.  But now I’m wanting to do more this year, just to get my name out there again in the local areas.

And then there is blogging.  I’d love to be a successful blogger.  I see so many mommies that blog about their daily lives, their DIY projects, they get sponsors to help them do giveaways and I am like, I can do that! I can write, post about DIY stuff and talk about my Etsy Shop too!  And then I see all these conferences that I’d love to go to.  One in particular is the Snap!Conference next year in April.  After hearing about it a couple years ago, I just want to go!  I think I’d learn so much stuff, but then again, it’s spending money on admission, plane ticket, and hotel, and what if???

For right now I guess I am content, working from home, doing things around the house to save on money, help us out in the long run, and maybe in a year when my youngest is ready for Kindergarten, things will change?  But then again, maybe not? 😉

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New Blog!

Well, I updated my blog a little bit! If you now go to you’ll get my blog!! I’ll be posting more updates on new products that I’m making/selling and along with some DIY and other things around my house!!

Thanks for all that read my blog and I’m looking to get more information out there for everyone to read!

I am running in The Color Run in Grand Rapids, MI this Saturday and I’m super excited!  I’ll be sure to post pictures to that too!

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