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30 Spring Craft Ideas

Spring officially sprung back in March.  But with super cold temperatures, it was hard to really welcome spring in at the time.  Mother nature is funny that way I guess.  Of course, that didn’t keep from cruising Pinterest and day dreaming about warmer temperatures and bright spring colors.  I found so many great ideas that I decided to make a collection of 30 spring craft ideas so that you can be inspired too.

30 Spring Craft Ideas #crafts #roundups #spring

Now some of these will make great 30 minutes crafts or things while a few will take a little longer.  No worries though because the weather is finally warm enough that you actually might want to be outside doing crafts…or anything really!

If you make any of these {or any Spring crafts really}, be sure to come back and share them with at the Pinworthy Projects Party that happens here each and every Friday.

Get inspired for Spring with these amazing craft projects.

 Paper Flower Tutorial

 Easy Decorating – Split Pea Spring Decor

 Easy Doily Garland

 Upcycled Plastic Container and Duct Tape Vase

 Burlap Wrapped Vases with Pom Pom Flowers

 Spring Moss Wreath with Butterflies

 Spring Flower Vase

 Spring Printable

 You are My Sunshine

 Spring Decor: Stamped Mini Pots

 Homemade Lemonade Gift Kit and Printables

 Cupcake Liner Spring Decor

 DIY Burlap Spring Banner

 Glitter Terra Cotta Pots

 Washi Tape Topiary Centerpiece

 Make a Pretty Layered Paper Spring Banner!

 Paper Mache Confetti Bowl

 “hello” spring wreath

 DIY Spring Burlap Wreath

 Free Spring Printables

 CraftyBridge: Spring Wreath

 Easy Embroidered Felt Birds Pillow

 New Photos of My Satin Flowers Spring Wreath |

 Easy Silk Flower Magnets

 Fabric Ball Spring Wreath

 Garden Boot Planter

 DIY Wooden Succulent Planter

 DIY Spring Wreath

 Spring Burlap Wreath

 Gumball Corsage

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Starbucks Rewards: FREE Bonus Star


You might be able to get a free bonus star from Starbucks Rewards.  This did work for me so no guarantees it will be available for every account but certainly worth a look.

You just want to head over to Starbucks Rewards here and scroll all the way down to the very bottom.

starbucks rewards

If you see that go ahead and click.  For some reason they wanted me to download the financials for 2013.  (Um… Starbucks I am not even ready for my own taxes.)

I just clicked and then closed out the PDF that was opening.

At the bottom of the screen I saw this:

starbucks rewards

The star won’t appear instantly- it can take up to 24 hours to show up.  So go ahead and check again tomorrow and hopefully it is there for you!

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Disney’s FROZEN Shirt

As you know, Disney’s Frozen is one of the most talked about movies right now.  All little girls want to watch it, sing it, talk like it, and dress like it!! Well I had a request to make the cutest shirt ever!  It’s of both Anna and Elsa together.

Frozen SistersThe mom and daughter that requested it are going to Disney World for spring break this year.  The little girl LOVES this shirt and said it was her favorite shirt ever!!  It did turn out super cute!

I also made a shirt for little sister, Minnie Mouse of course!

Minnie Mouse

Take a look at my Facebook page if your curious on other designs that I can make.  And as always, there is my Etsy store too.

See something you might be interested in? Email me!

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Spring has SPRUNG!

Spring is finally here! The warm weather, the birds chirping and the mosquito’s biting.  Yup, it’s here.  Time to get out those shorts from the closet and realize that “maybe” they are a little too tight.  Time to watch what your eating a little more and not shove your face full of food you’ll regret later on!

The sun and warmth also bring you in a better mood mentally.  After sitting home all winter without a job, you do get bored, you do get depressed and you do wish you had something fun to do.  Now that it’s warm out we can go for bike rides, play baseball and just enjoy being outside!  My oldest is playing baseball right now so he has his games this week.  It’s fun to see him doing something he enjoys.  My youngest wants to go on a bike ride everyday down the road.  But really I think he just wants to visit the older gentleman that gives him candy when he visits.

I am feeling very blessed with my Etsy Shop lately.  I’m 3 away from 250 sales and not that very long ago I was begging to pass 50.  It amazes me how I’ve done so well lately and that people enjoy my products!  Don’t forget to “like” me on Facebook either! You won’t regret it!

Large Polka Dot Beach Tote

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Winter? It’s April in Michigan.

So yesterday was almost 70 degrees, the heat was off in the house, windows cracked to get some fresh air flowing and all was good.  Throw in some storms and then there is today, cold, heat back on, windows shut and SNOW! Yup I said it, SNOW!  It is April 19th, and we are having snow!  BBBRRR

I am really ready for spring.  I’m ready to see the sunshine, enjoy the outdoors, and even more let the boys play outside. 

We got rid of cable tv this week, in an effort to save money and get the kids from not watching as much tv also.  We won’t really miss it.  With Netflix, movies and local channels off the Antenna, not much you can miss.  You can watch almost any show the next day after it’s aired online too. 

Chris and Brody also built a little computer called a Raspberry Pi, it’s pretty awesome.  You just hook it up to your tv, load the software and it’s good to go! Cheap too!!  Brody built a Lego case for it, since it’s only about 3″ x 4″ long.

Hopefully we can do some yard work this weekend, we need to get our new mailbox up!

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Where you right, Mr. Groundhog?

So if Spring is on it’s way earlier this year, where is it?  Most of us northern folks are getting anxious to step outside and enjoy the warmer weather, and as spring approaches, we all wish we could be on the beach somewhere, or enjoying a great baseball game with family and friends!  Detroit Tiger’s are a favorite baseball team in our family and we enjoy going to the games and just baseball in general.  There is nothing quite like a night game when the weather is amazing and your favorite team is winning!  Maybe a couple cold beers in your hand to help with the heat will do also! 🙂 

I made these cute keychains that go perfect for the Detroit Tiger’s lover in your life!! Check them out on my Etsy Site.

And if your just wanting a cute little gift for yourself or maybe even your bridal party?  How about monogrammed keychains? Message me for discounts on large orders.  

Now here in our area of Michigan, it’s supposed to be 50’s this weekend.  That’s like a hot spell for us! I hope the snow melts and we can semi-enjoy the outdoors this weekend!  Enjoy your week!

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