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Monogram Last Name Frame

Hello everyone!! Hope you had a great weekend! I spent the weekend at Crop for a Cause, trying to raise money for hearing loss.  My cousin’s daughter was born with mild hearing loss and they are having a walk to raise money for the the foundation so I took part in it! We had fun crafting, some sewing, some scrapbooking and even some crocheting!!

She also did a raffle and I won an Origami Owl necklace! I’m so excited to get it! 🙂

I made this new style frame for a gift last week. 

I think it turned out so cute!! If your interested, click on the picture and you can contact me via my Facebook page!!

Catching up on orders this week, had a lot for these frames, it’s wedding season you know!

Spring is almost here in Michigan, I can feel the warmth coming!

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iPhone Charger Decals

Do you have an iPhone? How about an iPad? Almost every family I know has at least one of these items, in our case we have way too many.  And what about those chargers?  Are you always getting them mixed up, saying no this one is mine, this one is his, someone stole mine?  Well I have a solution!!  Decals for your iPhone charger so you can tell who’s is who!!!

Great for kids going off to camp in the summer, making sure they don’t get it mixed up with their friends also!!

Chevron Monogram iPhone Decal Wrap

I mustache you a question?

I have other patterns available also!  I’ve been so busy with orders, I just placed a new order for vinyl tonight! I can’t wait to get more colors.  Also I’m getting in key chains soon, they are going to be so cute and perfect for that little gift you need!

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Off the bandwagon!

Got a little behind on my blogging but it’s only because I’ve been busy switching everything over to my new branding!!  I am officially Sew Wonderfully Jamie on Facebook and Etsy!  Plus along with the name of my blog too of course! 😉

My friend made me a new banner for Facebook too! Love it! Thanks Lori!

Don’t forget the new name, when you search for things for awhile, Brodacious Bags will still come up on your stuff since it’s still out in googleland, but start searching for the new name also!

I have quite a few orders to work on in the next week, and hoping to get more coming in!! I ordered acrylic keychain blanks, so those will be featured soon on my blog also!

I’m having a contest on my Facebook page too, have your friend’s like my new page and tell them to say you sent them and win a free personalized keychain!

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Project 365, Day 19

Hockey starts today!!  Brody and Chris were excited that hockey is back on TV!!  Watched the game and had a few friends over.  It was fun!  I also cut out another design on my machine to try out!  I had a few extra blank shirts in Caden’s size so I could know he was at least going to wear it!

Love it!! I can’t wait to do more things with this machine! I can do vinyl for the wall now, so making quotes and names, also wanting to order some blank cups and other things to personalize too!!  Perfect for camping and having a cup with your name on it, so you don’t have to waste cups and forget what one is yours!!   Using this one as an example: 


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Project 365, Day 18

January must be a popular month to be born! I have 2 Aunts, my Dad, My FIL, my Brother, my Cousin and Caden’s birthday’s all in January!  Today was my dad’s birthday! Happy Birthday Dad!!

I got my new machine today and am SUPER excited to use it! 

I made this shirt first thing with it!  I have lots of other projects in the works too!

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Simply You

Simply Kierste is a blog that I have followed for a few years now and she just recently changed up her name but not her style.  She does so many cool crafts and it’s hard to not try and do them all!! She is one of the reasons I want a Silhouette Cameo for vinyl cutting, among other things.   Go visit her blog, she’s from Michigan but moved last year I believe!

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