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New Adventures in Etsy-land!

So if your on my Facebook page, you will know that I’ve started another Etsy shop.  We have decided to call this one Great Lakes Craft.  We also have a Facebook page to follow along too!  This one my husband helps with.  He bought a machine for his business and I was like, I know I can use this and I know that we can make good money with what I want to make, so we tried it, and so far after just a few weeks, sales have been constantly coming in!

11717389_1552930794927726_3102322577126741279_oI know can offer wood monograms and engraved cutting boards(will be adding in the next day or so) in my shop!  I’ll be making more custom items later once I learn the software to design more, but these are turning out so cute and beginning to be a BIG seller for us!  I can’t wait to see what the holiday season brings for us!

11701088_1553559734864832_4277372170599294786_nWe are already super busy with kids sports (hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball) so adding in this and a full time job, CRAZY!!!  But being able to be an entrepreneur and do something at home is amazing!  I love having that creative outlet to make things and also the extra money we get while doing it!

If your interested in purchasing a wood monogram, I can do other fonts too! Just message me and ask!  Go ahead and check out my pages for more information!

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Where It All Started- Silhouette Cameo Project

I was asked to make a unique wedding shower gift and once I looked online for some inspiration I came up with this fabulous pillow!! I just LOVE how it turned out!DSC_0198-1I used my Silhouette Cameo just like I use with a lot of my other projects.  This was a project made with freezer paper, paint and fabric.

I bought some fabric from JoAnn Fabrics in a tan color, almost like a Muslin.  Then I had the regular paint at home, which I just added fabric medium to it.  I use a flat headed sponge brush to paint it and freezer paper stencil cut out from my Silhouette.     photo 1 (10)You cut the negative image out on freezer paper, and you mirror the image.  You then iron the freezer paper onto the fabric, with shiny side down, and it temporarily sticks to the fabric your ironing it onto.  This creates a stencil and you can paint it how you wish! I’ve did this quite a few times with the other pillows I have in my Etsy Shop too.   photo 2 (10)Just brush the paint on, and make sure the whole area is covered.  Don’t put too much on or it will take forever to try and it might seep through the edges of the paper and your project won’t turn out right. photo 3 (4)Tada!  After the paint dries, you peel off the paper and you have your project!!  I thought a little red in the heart would be perfect for this pillow.  The pillow is meant to represent where the couple met each other.  I know they will love it! I can’t wait to get it listed on my Etsy Shop! DSC_0200-1

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Wedding Season is Here!

This the season for getting married!  Do you need a gift that no one else will have? How about the brides that want to get their bridesmaids something to remember their wedding with?  I just got some awesome new products in that I can’t wait to show off!!

1) Can Koozies

 Sew Wonderfully Jamie now has personalized can Koozies! These are NOT embroidered; they are actually the print of the Koozie, that means… NO RUNNING THREAD! Also these can be washed. 🙂

Our personalized can koozies can be done in any of my shop prints and are completely customizeable. The list goes on and on… Here are a few ideas: teacher’s gift, bridal party, secret santa, just to name a few. Or you can just get one for you! 🙂

2)  Personalized Casserole Dish/Cake Pan

 Here is our newest personalized kitchen accessory our stunning personalized casserole dish and/or cake pan. You will never mistake your serving dish again and you will surely be the talk of the night. These make wonderful hostess gift, or a “Just Because” gift for any woman in your like that loves to bake:)) Best of all you can personalized this dish in any of our patterns, frames, color & monogram combos so the possibilities are truely endless!!
{ Product Details }
• Measures 13″ x 9″
• Stainless Steel Pan
• Snap-on lid

3) Cutting Board

Our 12″ x 8″ cutting boards are made of thick, tempered glass and can easily dress up any counter top. A great gift for home chefs, hostess.  Why not add a little style to your kitchen while you cook?  These personalized tempered glass cutting boards will make you want to get in the kitchen. 🙂 Great for anyone on your list, our personalized cutting boards are great for hostess gifts, wedding gifts, graduation gifts for the college student leaving home, teacher gifts, “just because” girlfriend gifts and housewarmings. Easily impress your guests with this lovely accent piece for your kitchen.


  • Measures 11.3″ x 8″ x 5/32″ (medium size)
  • Measures 16″ x 12″ (large size)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Completely customizable

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Monogram Last Name Frame

Hello everyone!! Hope you had a great weekend! I spent the weekend at Crop for a Cause, trying to raise money for hearing loss.  My cousin’s daughter was born with mild hearing loss and they are having a walk to raise money for the the foundation so I took part in it! We had fun crafting, some sewing, some scrapbooking and even some crocheting!!

She also did a raffle and I won an Origami Owl necklace! I’m so excited to get it! 🙂

I made this new style frame for a gift last week. 

I think it turned out so cute!! If your interested, click on the picture and you can contact me via my Facebook page!!

Catching up on orders this week, had a lot for these frames, it’s wedding season you know!

Spring is almost here in Michigan, I can feel the warmth coming!

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