T-Shirt Memory Quilt Pricing

What is a T- shirt Memory quilt? A T- shirt quilt is a custom designed quilt created from customer supplied t- shirts which are then cut apart and used in the creating of a functional keepsake. Perfect gift for the graduating high school student or college athlete.
Sew Wonderfully Jamie will take all of those team shirts that hold so many memories and turn them into a sturdy functional quilt to take with you on the next phase of your journey. Are you a marathon runner with shirts commemorating all of those races? Why keep them stashed in a drawer when Sew Wonderfully Jamie can take them and turn them into a long lasting durable quilt? Have you been saving all those vacation shirts in your closet? Why not display those destinations on a quilt for your grandkids to cover up in.
T- shirt quilts can be made for anyone who has a drawer or closet full of T- shirts that are never used but you don’t want to throw away because they hold so many memories. What better way to wrap yourself in those memories than by using a quilt made from those same shirts.
Sew Wonderfully Jamie quilts are lasting treasures which are beautiful as well as durable. We use only 100% cotton fabrics which are then machine stitched and quilted. They are washable. I provide all the materials required for backing, binding, and finishing the quilt. All quilts are machine quilted on a long-arm machine. Backing and binding fabrics are picked out by Sew Wonderfully Jamie to go along with the front of the quilt. If you have a certain color you’d love, please include that in your notes.
Custom T- shirt pricing Quilts are priced at $15 per block. For example, if you have 12 shirts that you want used, each one will be cut and used as a single block then assembled with backing it will then be machine quilted for durability. The price for this 12 block quilt would be $180. Both fronts and backs can be used as individual blocks. The blocks on most quilts are 15” squares.


Size:                     # of Squares                   Price                           Shirts Needed

Baby/Lap                12                                    $160                            10-15

Couch / Lg Lap       20                                   $265                            15-20

Twin                        24                                    $315                            20-25

Full                          30                                    $399                             25-30

Queen                     42                                    $500                             35-42

Customer will send washed T-shirts to Sew Wonderfully Jamie. You can specify a guideline for colors used in borders but we will ultimately choose the fabric. We use only “quilt shop” quality fabrics in colors that complement the blocks.
50% down payment is required at time of order.
Please allow plenty of time for your order to be completed. Quilting is a lengthy process and we want to make sure that your quilt turns out amazing!
Any questions or to begin your order- email jamieolger@yahoo.com

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