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DIY Rit Dye a Lacrosse Stick

So my son made one of these before a few years back but now my youngest wanted to do it to his stick too, so we went to the store, got the dye and glue sticks and got to town.
His lacrosse head was all white so he wanted to make it our school colors (maroon and white) so we picked up Red Rit Dye to help change the color.

Thing you need:
Lacrosse head
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Rit Dye
Large stock pot

Start off by randomly putting hot glue all over the head. Make patterns or just do it randomly. Whatever color you put the hot glue on, that will be the color underneath. That color will not change.

Once you have all the glue that you want on the lacrosse head, start by filling up the pot of water and bringing it to a boil.  Carefully dump the Rit Dye in the pit. Be very careful when working either dye because it stains and will change the color of any towels you may be using. There will need to be an adult present to help with with this project.

Use the head to start gently stirring the pot to mix the dye up with the water.  Let the lacrosse head drop into the pot of water and check on it after a few minutes.  Depending on the color you want the head to turn, you might need to leave it in there a few minutes or over an hour.  We actually started it before my sons hockey game, went to his game and came back and then took it out and rinsed it off.

You will want to make sure you have towels around when you take it out so you don’t drip all over the counter.  Use cold water to rinse off the lacrosse head until it runs clear and no more dye is on the head.

Once this part is done you can start peeling all the glue off the head and see the awesome creation you made.  Make sure and peel all of the glue off so it won’t mess it up later.

TADA!!! It’s done!! You can now restring the head and use it!! My son decided to put red mesh back into the stick instead of the black that came with it.

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It’s gonna be MAY!

Hello_May_CuteMay is a busy month for us.  With the end of the school year wrapping up, my husband’s birthday, my nephew’s birthday, hockey, lacrosse, lacrosse tournaments, baseball starting up, soccer ending, Memorial Day and lots of other odds and ends to add up in there.  Last year I mistakingly planned our big vacation around Memorial Weekend and I won’t be doing that again.  The kids missed too many end of the year things with school and when your planning months in advance, you don’t realize that those things might fall in there.  But we still had a great family vacation even if they had to miss a few school activities.  Memories that will last a lifetime.  Let me know what you’d like to see in my blog posts, I’m trying to blog more about my craft ideas, recipes and things our family does.

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A glue gun and a lacrosse stick 

Summer has just begun but my son is already thinking of things he can do/make to things around the house.  He saw a video on YouTube about customizing your lacrosse head and asked me if he could go to the store and get dye.  So we headed to Meijer and for a bottle of black RIT dye for his experiment.   

First he had to take his lacrosse head off his stick.  Then he used my hot glue gun and randomly put glue all over it.   

The we went and got the big pot of dye ready to submerse this into.  We brought water to a boil, added the black dye and then turned the heat off.  We put the lacrosse head into the pot and checked on it after 30 minutes.  It still looked greenish so we waited another 15 minutes and checked it again. We decided an hour was probably as good as it was going to get for his impatient self so we went ahead and took it out of the pot and rinsed it off.  

Brody started to take the hot glue off the head and you could see the color underneath the glue was still the old stick color and then black was over it.  It turned out pretty cool.  If we did it next time we’d add more glue so it was more color swirles but it still turned out awesome! Score one for his first summer project!  


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