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Fidget Spinners- Handmade in the Michigan, USA

So I am sure if you have a child between the ages of 7-18 you know what the fad is all about.  That’s right, fidget spinners!  The item that us as adults don’t understand why the heck you’d want to play with one but all the kids want them so your kids have them too!!  Well we decided to start making some!

My husband used his CNC machine and milled some out of aluminum and the kids are loving it!!  It’s sturdier than the cheap plastic 3d printed or ones that are coming from China.  Perfect end of the school year present to keep your kid busy during the summer and maybe help them from saying “I’m bored” every 5 minutes!

These are the same exact sizes as the other spinners, just made of a better quality aluminum product that withstand the test of time.  No more replacing these spinners because they break, buy a Michigan made spinner!  Most stores are selling out of these, get yours NOW!


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